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One of the biggest reasons small businesses fail early on is a lack of support. Loneliness is a massive issue for many new business owners. They are excited to set up on their own, but quickly realise there is nobody to bounce ideas off, to ask for advice, or even to chat with.

While running a business in the spare room cuts down your commute, it also cuts down your social interaction too. This is just one of the ways that the feeling of loneliness can kick in.

Running your franchise with Tatty Bumpkin is exactly like running your own business but without the feeling of loneliness. When you become a Tatty Bumpkin franchise holder, you join the franchise community.


The community become your colleagues, your mentors, your advisors and your sounding board. Maybe you have a worry or concern about a venue for your yoga classes for children? The chances are that other franchise owners have had the same queries in the past so they will be able to help you out.


Perhaps you are considering a new marketing channel for your business or a networking group, and you’re just not sure it is right for you? Just ask your question to our franchise community, and you’ll get loads of great ideas, feedback and lots of advice. Others may have tried that marketing channel or networking group before.


However, our franchise community isn’t just a place to ask questions or gain advice. It is a place that you will be inspired and motivated by like-minded people. Our franchise holders share their stories, the success they have had, and any barriers they have overcome. You will become inspired and motivated by their stories because you’ll know that you can achieve the same as they have done.


When you run your own Tatty Bumpkin franchise, you will never feel alone – because you will be part of a community. You’ll be surrounded by lots of other amazing business owners, just like you!


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