A multi-sensory approach to storytelling in children’s learning

Tatty Bumpkin teachers love working with children

Children inspired by yoga teachers are trained to listen & create a child-led environment.

Did you know that children learn best through stories? Stories help children make sense of the world around them and give them a way to explore new ideas. But what if we could make storytelling even more effective? Recent research has shown that active storytelling can enhance children’s development in ways that traditional storytelling cannot. By adding a multi-sensory dimension to the experience, active storytelling can help children learn and remember information more effectively.

So what is active storytelling? Active storytelling involves telling stories while engaging children in an interactive activity. This could involve singing songs, playing games, or doing crafts related to the story.
Not only does this make the experience more fun for children, but it also helps them to learn and remember the story better. By involving all of their senses,  children are more likely to retain the information from the story.


Use simple props you can find at home to create interactive stories

But active storytelling isn’t just about children having fun and learning new things – it’s also good for their development. Children who engage in this kind of activity have been shown to develop important skills like creativity, problem solving, communication, & co-operation with others. These skills will help children throughout their lives, and active storytelling is a great way to help children learn them.

Tatty Bumpkin classes use the inspiration of simple yoga poses woven into especially crafted stores to spark imagination & motivate young children to explore their physicality. The children move freely through the poses, using a variety of actions to bring stories to life.

Using the multi-sensory approach of especially written music, yoga-inspired movements & simple sensory props, all children are inspired to enjoy a range of activities that enhance development.

So if you’re looking for a fun and effective way to help your children learn and grow, be sure to try our yoga-inspired active storytelling classes. 

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