Yoga & wellbeing for children has never been more important

We are the UK’s longest running children’s yoga company.

We teach fun, creative, yoga-inspired movement classes to babies & children 6week-11 years through a national network of our fully trained dedicated teachers & small business owners.

We specialise in taking the holistic approach of yoga, but delivering it to very young children in a multi-sensory format, that maintains interest, inspires them & aids key developmental principles.

All our lessons are linked to the National curriculums so you you know that whilst your child is having fun & learning vital life skills, additionally developmental targets are being met.

Since 2004 we have using our unique methodology devised by paediatric physiotherapists, yoga teachers, musicians & creatives. Post covid our classes are even more relevant & alighted to recovery curriculum goals to cope with children’s needs post pandemic. Please email if you would like a copy of our document on how our classes link
to the post COVID recovery curriculum . covid recovery

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our ethos

our classes help children age 0-7 to be bendy, giggly, clever and strong:
bendy: develops flexibility through yoga
giggly: enhances creativity with fun multi-sensory stories & original music
clever: aids development with smart links to support the early years curriculum
strong: promotes wellbeing & relaxation