Children inspired by yoga

About Us

Join our happy, sociable classes filled with fun, music and active movement.  Our creative and engaging yoga-inspired routines come to life with storytelling and music. We capture the magic of childhood, exploring the sensory world
through sound and touch, whilst unlocking movement and flexibility.

Strength, balance and co-ordination skills are mastered, as concentration and physical confidence flourish.  Essential creative pathways connect while valuable life skills – relaxation and mindfulness – are learnt.  

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Why Choose Us

We are one of the longest established children’s yoga companies in the UK with more than 15 years’ experience

A unique multi-sensory yoga concept for children

Created by specialist yoga teachers, educationalists and paediatric physiotherapists

Evolved by 8,000 children every week

Designed by creative designers and musicians to inspire children

Specially composed music

Design-led supporting materials

Everything we do aims to have a positive social and environmental impact

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Our Classes

Each week over 8,000 children join our yoga-inspired classes orchestrated by Tatty Bumpkin, a lovable bendy doll. Together we master foundations for life gaining new social, emotional and physical skills.


Filled with fun, music and movement  children are guided through creative and engaging routines.  Concentration and physical confidence flourish as strength, balance and co-ordination skills grow.


Calm and soothing sessions are run for babies and their carers. Babies unfurl and stretch with gentle motion. Fundamental bonds are strengthened and new skills are learnt aiding restful sleep, calm digestion and well-being.


The class focus changes weekly.  The yoga-inspired programme has been carefully developed by our core team of paediatric-physiotherapists, yoga-teachers and educationalists. It’s fully aligned to the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 curriculums (England) and the Prebirth to Three and Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland).


Classes are run nationwide in cities, towns and villages. Plus there’s an extensive term-time programme in Nurseries, Pre-Schools and Primary Schools gifting children essential learning away from their desks. These run at breakfast and after-school clubs, plus during the school day. We also go to parties, weddings, festivals and overseas!

Nurseries + Schools

Children Inspired by Yoga are a vital resource in Nurseries, Pre-Schools and Primary Schools with bespoke programmes for specific educational settings. These are delivered by our teachers on site, tailored to the age, stage and needs of the children.

We support the development of physical movement and attention skills. The multi-sensory classes promote creativity whilst benefitting social confidence and physical movement. Children have dedicated time and space to explore a world where the learning is fun. For some, it’s the first time they’ve been taught the essentials of relaxation and well-being.

Our Team

Sam Petter – Creator & Founder

Sam is a typographer, interactive designer & artist. She is a yoga teacher with 17 years teaching experience, & an elite masters swimmer, taking time to compete in World & European Championships.

Mother of two children, Sam is a visionary leader with a passion for creativity, yoga and freedom of mind body and spirit in childhood.

In 2018 she won Kent (Maidstone) business woman of the year. Sam started Tatty Bumpkin in 2004 wanting to combine a holistic approach to children’s development with the playfulness & creativity of childhood.

Sue Heron – Programme content & head of training

A Paediatric Physiotherapist with a passion for working with children with additional needs, Sue previously worked for the NHS for over 20 years. Working with the Children Inspired by Yoga curriculum allows Sue to explore & evolve the aspects of child development & movement that she is passionate about, whilst having the freedom to integrate the rigidity of the curriculum with Sam’s creative direction.

Kristy Lake – Marketing & Business Development

In Kristy’s own words “These are some of my favourite words: Children – Inspired – Yoga.” Kristy has four solid years working in marketing for small to medium-sized businesses. Eighteen years of administration experience across, Retail, Media, Recruitment/HR and Social Responsibility sectors. Kristy brings fresh, design-led thinking to the team, emphasising the importance of creativity to all we do…

Kristy was also awarded the M&S Future Focused Award for ‘Being able to maintain an eye on the future whilst still delivering day-to-day business priorities’.

Morgan Judd  – Business & Marketing intern

Morgan is working with the team during his years work placement. He brings a fresh & youthful approach to his work – we are enjoying teaching him all there is to know about running a franchise business. He leaves us in July to return to his degree, so we hope to find an equally competent replacement!


Alongside Sam are a core network of wonderful franchisees and teachers sharing their love of the multi sensory yoga-inspired classes.  From Brighton to Edinburgh, Qatar and beyond the word continues to spread …

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Balance rainbow for ethical section

Our Ethical Mission

We aim to have a positive social & environmental impact with all that we do.
We balance business with ethical & environmental considerations.


Head Office travel by zero-emissions electric car or by public transport.
Our hand-woven toys are made in Sri-Lanka by our women’s fair-trade co-operative, using hand-dyed organic cotton & stuffed with pure cotton.
Our office on Wobble Farm is powered by PV solar-panels, heated by air-source heating & our toilets use harvested rainwater.
Our uniform tops are made from bamboo & organic cotton.
Our children’s clothing has been produced in a way in which minimises the environmental impact. The carbon footprint is calculated & off-set for each garment.
We use ethical suppliers.
We enable and support women to run their own businesses.
Our program is inclusive and non-competitive.

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Yoga for life

Yoga is a skill for life. It helps grow physical strength and balance whilst enhancing focus and concentration.  It supports children on their educational journey both in the classroom and on the sports field. Sessions are held in school time and at clubs – before and after school – delivered by our accredited teachers, on site. Sessions can be tailored around specific topics, helping Primary Teachers fulfil learning criteria.