Why Our Franchising Is Great For Mums

Tatty Bumpkin offers children’s yoga and creativity skills that they can use for life.
Our classes help with movement, music, breathing and relaxation. They are fantastically popular classes set in local areas, aimed at children aged 0 – 7 years old.
Our yoga classes for children help them become bendy, giggly, clever and strong.
However, what we don’t talk about as much is that Tatty Bumpkin Children inspired by ygoa is a franchise and we think that our franchising is great for mums. In this blog post, we tell you why our franchising model is great for mums. If you like what you read, then maybe you can be our next franchisee?

Support & Collaboration

Running your own franchise is like running your own business. However, running your own business can feel like you are very alone, which can be scary. When you start a franchise with Tatty Bumpkin, you are definitely not alone. Our franchisees are given the support they need to grow their business, and there is always lots of collaboration, tips and advice and sharing going on too.

It’s Proven

Tatty Bumpkin franchise business model is a proven one, and it works. We are offering you a shortcut to running your own business taking away loads of the stress and giving you all the know-how confidence and equipment that you’ll need.

No Commuting

If you are fed up of never being at home, leaving the house at the crack of dawn to sit on a train, or not being able to get to your children if they fall ill quickly, then this is a dream opportunity for you. There is no commuting which means no travel costs. You can choose where you work and when you work, and you can work it around you and your family schedule.

Good Earnings

You can scale up the franchise as much as you want by bringing in new teachers to your area. As you scale your franchise, what you earn increases too. You could make more than you would ever imagine from a part-time job. The typical salary range for a Tatty Bumpkin franchise is between £25k and £80k.

Low Cost

You can buy into the Children inspired by yoga franchise for as little as £6k. We can also help with the relevant funding for you to set up your own business as a mum. Finance can be complicated, but the Bumpkin team can help with this, and we will support you in completing applications for this funding.

It’s Happy

Going back to work after having children is never easy. However, it is made worse if you are doing a job you don’t enjoy. Not only can you work your own hours, to work around your child with our franchise, but you will also enjoy, or even love what you do. Children love these classes, and there will be smiles all round.
Contact us now if you would like to know more about why our franchising is great for mums. We would be happy to chat with you about what we can offer you, and we can answer any concerns you might have.

“I’ve got the freedom to have fun all day doing something that I am totally passionate about whilst still being a totally present mummy for my daughters … & I also get paid really well for it! I have never felt luckier. I love the supportive women-helping-women to achieve their goals that our Head Office promotes. I wake up feeling lucky every morning. The professionalism, support and care that is been provided has made the decision to leave the corporate world and move into franchising easy. It is a pleasure to be part of a fantastic, enthusiastic & motivated team that are truly making the difference in children’s lives.”

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