2018 Autumn Term Week 7 Tatty Bumpkin’s Kid’s Yoga Activity for this Week is ‘Brushing your Teeth!’


By Sue Heron – Training Co-ordinator Tatty Bumpkin and Paediatric Physiotherapist

In this blog I:

  • Describe how to do the activity with your child or toddler
  • Give some reasons why this week’s Tatty Bumpkin Yoga activity is beneficial for your child or toddler
  • Give you ideas on progressions for the activity and games you can play around the activity.

The Tatty Bumpkin Adventure this week

If your child is going to a Tatty Bumpkin class this week they will go on an adventure with Tatty Bumpkin to visit a poor, little old lady 🙁 … Tatty Bumpkin works her magic and soon the little old lady’s knitting needles are going crazy 🙂 … In this class your child and will have a chance to:

  • Refine their co-ordination skills as they brush their teeth and knit with Tatty Bumpkin and friends!



  • Progress their communication and problem solving skills as they come up with ideas to help the little old lady …
Uuumm – just how can we help the little old lady?


  • Have fun with others as they move as elephants – cleaning the little old lady’s house!
Wash the windows .. was the walls!!


Brushing Teeth – Tatty Bumpkin’s Activity for the Week! 


Description of Activity

Tatty Bumpkin always brushes her teeth before she goes on her adventures.

  • Guide your child’s hand so they can feel the correct movement. Use a mirror to help your child see exactly where the brush is cleaning their teeth.
  • Make tooth brushing as fun as possible by using an egg timer to time it for about two minutes.
  • Don’t let your child run around with a toothbrush in their mouth as they may have an accident and hurt themselves.


Want to make it harder?

  • After your child has brushed their teeth (so they do not hurt themselves) they can practice balancing on one leg!
  • Start, with both hands on the sink, then see they can balance with one hand on the sink…then no hands! Make sure there are no obstacles near to the sink which your child could fall onto.
Tatty Bumpkin and friend do tricks at the sink!

Why Brushing Teeth is ‘Good for Me’?

Brushing teeth helps your child’s:

1. Dental health
Every few years the government does national survey of children’s dental health. In the last survey (2003) 40% of 5 yr olds had at least one tooth with decay. Among 8 yr olds, 57% had obvious tooth decay.

2. General health as they get older
Poor dental hygiene is connected with diabetes, obesity and heart disease in later life.

3. Hand skills
Brushing teeth gives your child another chance to practice their fine motor (hand) skills. The more opportunities your child has to practice these skills the better they will become at other hand skills such as writing.

4. Balance
After tooth brushing – standing at the sink is a great place to practice balancing on one leg as the sink provides a natural support. Once again practice makes perfect!

Jean Holgate, who manages Bolton’s oral health team, gives good advice on looking your children’s teeth see http://tinyurl.com/nvv5cb9

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Movement, co-ordination skills – all made fun!



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