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101 Guide – Yoga Poses For Children

For some, in today’s society the parents may be healthy, but they keep that to themselves, for many, eating salad and lean chicken at dinner, but then feeding the rest of the family greasy foods. Or going out for a hike or tending the garden but leaving the kids inside watching T.V.

It is important we all stay physically fit. As parents, we need to incorporate children into a healthier lifestyle. So, as they get older it’s no different than brushing their teeth, reading books and taking a bath. These skills can be taught by the parents. Yoga gives the perfect opportunity for both you and your children to bond and exerciser together and you can start from birth.

Tips to bear in mind while exercising to keep you and your children safe.

Yoga is best carried out on a soft surface.

If you are uncomfortable with any pose, then skip it.

In the case of knee, back or wrist pain, stop immediately.

Keep your face relaxed, smile at your baby or child, and maintain eye contact.

Do not overdo it.

You can start off gently, and gradually increase the pace as your body becomes flexible.

Consult your doctor before you start practising yoga, especially if you have had a caesarean delivery.

Top 5 yoga poses for children

Buzzing Bee Breath Pose

Buzzing bee breath is a yoga breath called ‘brahmari’ from the Sanskrit for a humming black bee. Bee breathing will give you the chance to focus on your breathing and help you to relax.

The Sandwich Pose

Sandwich pose provides a fun incentive for children to move and gently stretch out their spine, shoulders and hamstrings (the tendons at the back of our legs).

Stretching increases blood flow to muscles, improving flexibility and range of motion. Stretching (particularly hamstrings) can be a huge help with counteracting growth spurt tightness.

The Spider Pose

Strengthen & activate core muscles.

Activity in these ‘core’ muscles (shoulder, back, tummy & hip) will aid your child’s posture and balance in both sitting and standing. Activate shoulder muscles, helping to refine fine motor skills e.g. writing and dressing skills.

The Cat Pose

Start cat pose by kneeling on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Slowly arch your back up, looking between your arms, towards your tummy. Then move your tummy down, making it ‘long’ and lift your head to look forward. Be careful not to arch your back too deeply.

The Mountain Pose

Mountain pose yoga activity is all about learning how to stand still, even for a few seconds! It is difficult for young children to keep their balance whilst standing still, as it requires, the organisation of several senses by the brain, learning the ‘patterns of movement’ needed for balance

Indeed, some children often find it harder to stand still than to move around.

These are just a few of the many yoga poses for children that you can share together. Why not check out our previous posts for more or check out our “book a class feature” to find a class in your area.

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