Children inspired by yoga

Children Inspired by Yoga, or Yoga Inspired by Children?


yoga inspired by children

Our yoga-based classes are inspired by children & their own fabulous ideas. Our Mid Sussex franchisee, in this class insight, shows how one child gave the others a very different outlook…

Yoga Inspired by Children


“I had a lovely chat with one boy today in our wonderful ‘Octopus makes a Card for Mermaid’ story.

On our adventure, we had discovered a mermaid crying on the beach. We had just found out the reason she why was sad was because she thought everyone had forgotten her birthday.

I asked the children to have a think. Then Tatty Bumpkin asked them to tell her how they would feel if they thought someone had forgotten their birthday?

Several, understandable, feelings of sadness were expressed. Then, after a think, one boy said “I would be okay as I would go home and play with my dinosaurs in my bedroom!” A lovely snap shot of a boy showing independence and resilience, which Tatty Bumpkin commended him on.

As a group though we decided we would feel a bit sad if our friends forgot our birthday. So then we had to think of something we could do which might cheer Mermaid up.

We went on to make a beautiful birthday card with sea streamers, shells and starfish and everyone agreed it would indeed cheer Mermaid up no end!”


“The value of… education is not the learning of many facts but training the mind to think”

Albert Einstein


Speaking is a major way of nurturing ‘thinking’. Research increasingly highlights how children’s thinking is very powerfully developed through conversation.

Children are encouraged to put forward their own ideas throughout our sessions. Tatty Bumpkin teachers give children open ended invitations, thus allowing children to express their thoughts on a range of situations, encouraging imagination & empathy.

Being a co-thinker with a child can leave you in awe!


assorted pretty shells

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