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Why Children Inspired by Yoga?

spacerMore than 14 years’ experience

A unique concept for children

Created by specialist yoga teachers, educationalists and paediatric physiotherapists

Evolved by children

Creative to inspire children

Specially composed music

Beautiful supporting materials

Ethical – including class toys from a fair trade co-op

Unrivalled head office support and expertise

Accredited developmental programme


“The training is exceptional, and the support of head office and the franchisee network is amazing.”

Andrea – Cheltenham franchisee

Hear from our franchisees – watch the video


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“When I met Sam and Tatty Bumpkin I had just had a fairly ‘hard’ fortieth birthday – where I had looked back on my life and wondered about my place in the world. I remembered my mother at the same age: mother of 4 children, busy farmer’s wife and caring for two elderly parents – my own impact on the world in this family way seemed so minimal.

I know Tatty Bumpkin and my relationship with Sam  gave me my confidence back. Now as I approach my 50th birthday and I can truly say I am the most ‘at peace’ with myself I have ever been. Not to coin to much of a ‘cliché’ but it has been a very positive journey for me.”

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    Next steps

    Ok, so you’re interested in discovering more but your mind is whirling with questions. All of your thoughts are very valid.  Together we can work through them – some can be addressed, others might be more difficult to solve.  Either way, we can start that journey of discovery. You might be keen to own your own franchise, or maybe you’ll choose to go down another path … either way the chances are it will lead you on the next stage of exploration.

    The first step is to find out if your area is an available territory.  The UK is divided into pre-defined postcodes , often the territory is where you live, but it may be adjoining.  Contact Hannah on email (joinus@tattybumpkin.com) or 01732 812212.

    Next you’ll be invited to a short, informal discovery zoom  to find out in more detail about the opportunity, do a yoga flow and meet the team.  If you wish to proceed, with our support, you’ll create a business plan that will show if the business will fit around your requirements and provide you with a bank-ready plan, should you require funding.  We have good relationships with lenders who typically loan up to 70% of the cost of the franchise.

    The outlay for a franchise is a significant consideration, however you are buying a ‘business in a box’. It’s taken us 18 years to get to where we are today, and you are effectively taking a short-cut in running your own business. In addition, this can be considered a capital investment, that, should you run your business effectively, you will recoup, and possibly with a increase in value.

    You can sell your business at any time, should your personal circumstances change. Typically our franchisees stay on average 7 – 10 years.

    Another point of difference with a franchise is that you pay ongoing royalties proportionate to your earnings. For this you get a huge amount of support.

    Its like having your own office team, but with the benefit of not having to manage them!

    You want to explore options on how to work around your family? Talk to us, start with an open heart and an open mind, and see where it takes you. Buying a Children-inspired by yoga franchise is a partnership, we don’t sell franchisees, we seek partners. So if this is right for both of us, we will know, and it will happen. If its not, then we will both have learnt things about ourselves along the way, which will help future decisions.

    Its never a waste of time!

    Hopefully see you soon

    The Tatty Team


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