Tatty Bumpkin in Schools

Tatty Bumpkin in Schools

“Children show excellent physical co-ordination skills. They have regular opportunities to take part in tailored stretching and balancing exercises with an outside professional” Ofsted comment on a Tatty Bumpkin session 2016

Aligned to EYFS, Key Stage 1 and the Curriculum for Excellence frameworks, Children Inspired by Yoga can:

  • Expand your school’s PE, sports offerings and enrich PPA cover
  • Provide targeted sessions for Nurture and Additional Needs groups
  • Create an inclusive extra-curricular activity club or whole school workshop

In Curriculum/PE Sessions/PPA Cover

Children Inspired by Yoga offers a professional choice for curriculum- based activity sessions or PPA cover, and an imaginative alternative to regular PE sessions. Topic work can also be facilitated through bespoke ‘one off’ sessions.


“We have found the Tatty Bumpkin sessions useful and enjoyable. The physical aspects of the sessions are really helpful and help us to identify what we need to concentrate on to improve these skills. The sessions help the children’s imaginative play – they love talking to Tatty Bumpkin and bringing in their own ideas! The children are also learning new vocabulary and are getting really good at organising themselves” Mrs Jacqueline Mitchell, Bradley Primary School Lancashire, 2015.


Targeted Nurture and Additional Needs Groups

Tatty Bumpkin sessions are supportive and adaptable, ensuring EVERY child can enjoy meeting new challenges. The ‘Tatty Bumpkin is Strong for School’ programme is designed to support children who need that extra boost to feel ‘Ready for School’.

“Apart from the excitement and enjoyment that all the children display on doing Tatty Bumpkin, the most marked impact is on our less confident children – who have grown in confidence” J. Reynolds, Headteacher Newburgh School Lancashire.


School Clubs


Start active – stay active. Children Inspired by Yoga school clubs provide an inclusive, creative and fun movement opportunity for all children.  The combination of yoga, movement, mindfulness and relaxation gives children the chance to ‘wake themselves up’ or ‘calm themselves down’.

Yoga Workshops for Healthy Living Week

Tatty Bumpkin workshops deliver key healthy living messages:

  • Why movement is good for us
  • Healthy eating
  • Self-regulation and peer acceptance

“The Tatty Bumpkin workshop on healthy living has been a fun, creative and interactive way to reinforce the message we give in school” Head Teacher Ashley Down Infant School Bristol


Extra PE and Sports Premium Funding?

Children Inspired by Yoga enables schools to provide an alternative physical activity into their curriculum supporting more children to ‘start active and stay active’. Our programme’s structure and assets mean sessions have a positive impact both physically and emotionally on the child throughout their day – long after the session has finished.

Case Study Churchwood Primary School, Kent.

Study involved weekly Tatty Bumpkin Yoga sessions from Sept 2016 to July 2017 for children aged 4-6 years. Assessment of children’s physical skills pre and post intervention demonstrated significant improvement in their movement and balance skills E.g. standing on

1 leg, jumping and hoping. These achievements were accompanied by an increase in the children’s willingness to: have a go, concentrate and keep on trying.