Children Inspired by Yoga In Nurseries

Children Inspired By Yoga In Nurseries

‘Children are not plants with only one ‘natural’ of way of growing. They are beings of richly varied possibilities, with the potential for guiding their own growth. They can learn to be conscious of the powers of their own minds and decide to what ends they will use them. However, they cannot do this without help – or at least it would be a long slow business and few would make much headway’. M. Donaldson ‘Children’s Minds’ 2006

Full of fun and aligned to the EYFS, Prebirth to 3 and Curriculum for Excellence frameworks, Children Inspired by Yoga fits seamlessly into early years settings whilst encouraging each child to ‘have a go’, ‘keep on trying’ and ‘think of new ways to do things’ –  creating a valuable monitoring resource.

Bendy and Active

“Regular physical activity during the early years provides immediate and long-term benefits for physical and psychological well-being” Start Active and Stay Active Report. Dept. of Health.

Our sessions are fully inclusive, allowing children to progress at their own rate and play together in leading and supporting roles – respecting the opinions of others. The classes are innately flexible – there is no right or wrong way – graded poses and activities mean every child can achieve.

Giggly and Creative
‘When children have opportunities to play with ideas in different situations and with a wide variety of resources they discover connections and come to new and better understandings’ EYFS Principles into Practice.

Tatty Bumpkin was created from the imagination and expertise of musicians, designers, writers and health professionals who believe play and creativity is at the heart of engaging children.
The sessions combine adult – guided, planned purposeful play alongside the more spontaneous. You can be reassured that each session is founded on a carefully designed lesson plan, accounting for the child’s, or baby’s, level of development, however playfulness and imagination are encouraged throughout – children putting forward and acting on their own ideas. In this fun, relaxed environment children feel confident to have a go at new activities – revealing their true potential to their carers.

Clever Learners for Life

“Concentrating in the early years on how children learn by supporting their well-being and learning strategies enables them to be more self-reliant, active learners” Helen Moylett 2013
Using a combination of real-life natural props, bespoke music and imaginary situations based around the adventures of Tatty Bumpkin, the sessions are multi-sensory and truly immersive – they support the baby or child to be open, willing and able to learn.

Each Children Inspired by Yoga session supports these characteristics of effective learning:

  • Playing and Exploring – The engagement
  • Active learning – The will
  • Creating and Thinking Critically – The skill

Tatty Bumpkin sessions provide an opportunity for children to practice these effective learning behaviours, enabling them to be self-regulating learners for life.

A Strong Holistic Approach

“The more you really get to know a child, the more you can support them in identifying and learning about themselves and their feeling states” Dr. K Treisman 2017.

A growing body of research indicates brain development is nurtured by careful attention to all aspects of development – physical, emotional, social cognitive and communication, babies are born with an ‘inner drive’ to seek out appropriate stimulation and learn – it’s up to us, as adults, to pay attention to their efforts and sensitively respond.

Children Inspired by Yoga adopts a holistic approach believing a young child’s mind and body develop together. Whilst the playful Yoga poses provide and essential foundations for good posture and movement the Tatty Bumpkin breathing and relaxation activities encourage ‘Mindfulness’ from an early age.

“Mindfulness, the ability to direct your attention to an experience as it unfolds moment by moment, can help children to: feel calm and in control of their emotions, to make meaningful relationships, to manage difficult feelings, and to be resilient, compassionate and empathic.” Katherine Weare, 2013.

What People Say

Nursery Manager Little Green Rascals York March 2016

I just wanted to say how beneficial your sessions have been with the children here at Little Green Rascals. Obviously, each child is unique in their own way, some of the children having varying needs which are all catered for during the class. The children have found enjoyment, confidence and are building new skills from your Yoga classes and the parents have commented on how they continue their Tatty Bumpkin journey when they go home for continued learning and development. The sessions are inspirational for our little ones!

Jan Thorp, Nursery Manager at Kiddies Academy Oxford talks about Tatty Bumpkin

“I was first introduced to Tatty Bumpkin about 8 years ago when my local Tatty Bumpkin franchisee, Zoe, rang me to ask about coming in and doing a taster session. We arranged the session and the children (and staff) loved it – since then we have never looked back!

Subsequently, two further nurseries in the nursery chain brought in Zoe and Tatty Bumpkin, both were in areas of deprivation, supporting quite a few children with additional needs.
To see these children, in fact to see all of the children flourish, grow and develop because of Tatty Bumpkin was a delight. We find a session with Tatty Bumpkin helps children to calm down whilst offering them an joyfull chance to move during their day.”

A Children Inspired by Yoga Franchisee reflects on her nursery sessions

“A Tatty Bumpkin Yoga class is a world apart from adult Yoga classes; it’s more spontaneous, more creative and a little noisier! Even the names of the postures are different, often taking their inspiration from nature, weather, plants and animals.


My regular Tatty Bumpkin session will incorporate: yoga inspired storytelling, music, dancing, counting, games and problem solving, as well as the postures and relaxation meaning the children not only develop physical skills but also learning and social skills. They have so much fun with Tatty Bumpkin they often have no idea that they are exercising!

The class is inclusive and non-competitive and ideal for both boys and girls. With my training and support I am able to adapt the postures – even babies in the baby room get a specially designed session just for them.


And the session does not end when I go as I leave behind the session assets for the week: colouring sheets, ‘What I did in my class today’ information sheets and documents explaining how the class linked to the EYFS. I return the following week and everyone is raring to go – bendy, giggly, clever and strong!!”