Yoga For Life

Yoga for life

Yoga is for everyone… our mission is to inspire children and parents alike to experience the joy of movement in a inclusive and creative way.

 The positive and wide reaching benefits of yoga-inspired practice are now widely recognised but when we launched it was considered very niche and specialist. We’re grateful to have played a part in changing perception and to have equipped children with skills for life for the past 13 years.

Yoga takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Simply, using physical postures (or Asanas) and breath (Pranayama), the body is stretched in every direction, releasing tension and stress and restoring energetic flow (or Prana). This creates a synergy between, emotional spiritual and physical wellness restoring health and wellbeing.

Children are born natural yogis – they love to move and naturally breathe properly and fully. Gradually, the stress of our modern life takes its toll on shortening under-used muscles, tightness due to stress and lack of sleep for example – this creates blockages that can leave to illness but importantly in children, an imbalance that can block their educational and physical development.

At Children Inspired by Yoga we run classes for babies 0-2 years and children aged 2-7. We use a fun multi-sensory approach using music, movement, storytelling and sensory props, to engage and retain interest during the classes.

This allows the yoga poses, breathing and complex co-ordination exercises to be integrated aiding confidence, physical and emotional development as well as enhanced creativity. This creates a strong foundation for learning and life ahead.

Here are some quotes from class of 5 year olds at Churchwood School … we asked them “What did you like best?”

‘… passing the jewel around …’

‘ … laying down at the end …’

‘… it made me strong …’

‘… I liked the duck races & the exercises …’

‘ … I like laying on my tummy and pulling my legs up …’

‘ …making rainbow lines …’