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Tatty Bumpkin is the inspiration behind the bendy, giggly world for clever minds and strong bodies. Her adventures are centered around Wobble Farm and The Giggle Tree, where she takes children on active, creative story adventures that inspire and motivate children (and adults) alike.

The concept has been developed by yoga teachers, physiotherapists and educationalists.

Our classes help children age 0-7 to be bendy, giggly, clever and strong:

bendy - develops flexibility through yoga

giggly - enhances creativity with multi-sensory stories and original music

clever - aids development with early years curriculum links

strong - promotes wellbeing and relaxation

The Team

Nora Alden

Nora Alden

We are  super delighted to introduce Nora, who is the newest member of our Team. Nora has practiced yoga from a young age, worked in a pre school setting and is used to being surrounded by children (her mum was a child minder and Nora is a mum of three children herself) .  Nora has trained in holistic therapy too (including Ayurvedic yoga massage ).  Nora says ” I believe that children are our greatest teacher’s, and we have so much to learn by simply being in their presence. I am Steiner educated, which is an education system that supports and believes in children’s innate creative ability and learning through play. I’ve always felt that by supporting children’s imagination and truly listening to their thoughts and dreams from a young age, we are able to more adequately support their self-esteem and sense of self-worth/confidence.” We are delighted to welcome Nora to our Team.

Our team of teachers are all qualified to teach our programme and we are proud that our training courses are accredited by CACHE [Council for Awards in Children’s Care, Health & Education].  We also all hold DBS checks, are fully insured and have up to date Paediatric First Aid training.

Alty Smith

Alty Smith

Alty has been bringing the world of Tatty Bumpkin to many children in York and the surrounding areas, working in nurseries and schools. Alty received a BA (Hons) in Education at York University, gaining a knowledge of children’s early development, language acquisition and child psychology.  Having practiced yoga herself , and being a mum, Alty thought it would be great to encourage and practice with both of her children  (both are under the age of 5)!   After completing our Tatty Bumpkin training in 2018, she is helping to bring the world of Tatty Bumpkin alive for many children and we have received some wonderful feedback.

Katherine Eborall and Lena Henderson

Katherine Eborall and Lena Henderson

Katherine joined us in 2017, having over 6 years of experience working with children promoting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle delivering sessions to Early Years settings in nurseries, pre schools and children centres and to Key Stage 1 children in primary schools . We are really delighted to have Katherine Tatty Bumpkin trained.  Katherine regularly attended her local Hatha Yoga classes for many years, then Pregnancy Yoga before the birth of her daughter, after which, she then joined our Baby Bumpkin classes that she herself found so beneficial. She says ‘I have always found yoga to have a positive effect on my wellbeing and I think that it is a fantastic practice to teach young children who can hopefully carry it on throughout their own lives’.  Update – we are delighted to report that Katherine , back in January  had her second baby, Thomas James, a beautiful, boy.

Lena had been teaching for Tatty Bumpkin since training with us in 2014, having also attended our classes with her daughter.  Whilst she won’t be returning to our weekly classes we look forward to working with Lena again in the future when we run our Holiday Clubs and thank her for wonderful contribution to helping make Tatty Bumpkin York what it is today.

Clare Gough

Clare Gough

Hi, my name is Clare and I own and run Children Inspired by Yoga with Tatty Bumpkin York.

I am your first port of call for enquiries and bookings. I have practiced yoga for many years and know the immense benefits it has brought to me. My passion is to contribute to developing physical confidence and creativity, combining physical activity with breathing, mindfulness and relaxation for the babies and children attending our classes. All this in a supportive, non-competitive, and most importantly, fun environment.

We are well recognised and respected in this area for running our Baby Bumpkin (0 – 2) and Tatty Bumpkin (2 – 7) classes and we hope, before too long, to be able to introduce Tatty Guroo for children 7 – 11 years too !!

I am very pleased to have working alongside me Alty Smith and Nora Alden – who will be covering many of the classes that we run in and around this area. Between us we work across York and the surrounding areas, running Tatty and Baby Bumpkin classes in primary schools, nurseries, pre-school settings and private classes.

Our Tatty Bumpkin training is CACHE accredited (Council for Awards in children’s Care, Health and Education)  and we hold a current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate and are all fully insured.

Tatty Bumpkin appears at a range of schools, nurseries and private settings in and around York. If you would like to see the developmental, story based sessions in your child’s school or nursery please do get in touch.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Clare, Tatty Bumpkin & the Children Inspired By Yoga Team of Tatty Bumpkin York! xx