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Childrens Parties

Tatty Bumpkin will take your child and their friends on a magical adventure.  The adventure involves lots of movement, animals, stories, puppets, music, fun games finishing with a relaxation and stickers.

A party is a very special occasion for children and, with Tatty Bumpkin, I aim to make them feel like the most special person in the world.  The parties can be themed to your child’s favourite theme – ideas include ocean adventures, down on the farm, a midnight trip to the zoo, day out on a train, a pirate or princess adventure, safari or anything you choose. The children will be tired but happy and relaxed at the end!

Tatty Bumpkin parties (for children aged 2 -7)
It works best with around ten to twenty children plus siblings (depending on the space available and age of children) and can be adapted to suit children from 2 to 7 years. It actually works well with mixed ages so don’t worry if you’ve got younger siblings – they really love it! You only need enough space for the children to be able to lay down, so it’s possible to run the sessions in your own home or other suitable venue.

Baby Bumpkin parties (for babies)
To celebrate your child’s first birthday with Baby Bumpkin, we can also suit the class to their desires.  For babies it’s not necessarily about their favourite character (although some do have one at this age) it is mostly about how they like to indulge their senses.  So if you’ve been to a Baby Bumpkin class we will know what your baby enjoys the most.  If you’ve never been to a class, then we can arrange for you to come along for a few sessions and then chat about what they really liked to tailor the party so they get to celebrate the day their way.

Please contact me on 07561 014372 to have a chat about how you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday, or email me on upminster@tattybumpkin.com