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our classes help children age 0-7 to be bendy, giggly, clever and strong:

bendy - develops flexibility through yoga

giggly - enhances creativity with multi-sensory stories and original music

clever - aids development with early years curriculum links

strong - promotes wellbeing and relaxation


St Albans is for sale

Leia has stepped aside to look after her growing family, so our St Albans territory is available for the first time since 2014. We would love to help you continue this successful business and grow the Tatty Bumpkin, Baby Bumpkin and our soon be be launched, new programmes in the St Albans area. Pleas contact me for more information

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The Team

Children Inspired by Yoga St Albans is for sale!

Leia took over Tatty Bumpkin St Albans in 2004 covering St Albans, Welwyn Garden City and Harpenden areas. She has now stopped to spend time with her new family additions, and we would love to find someone to take over her business.

Tatty Bumpkin and Baby Bumpkin yoga inspired sessions are available for Children’s Centres, Nurseries, Primary Schools-lunch clubs, after school clubs, PPA Cover, play groups and holiday clubs.

During 2019 you will benefit from the full package of 0-7 and soon 8-16 yoga programmes. From 2020 we will be changing how we do things, so its a great time to come on board.

You don’t need any special experience to run a Children Inspired by Yoga business – we give you everything you need – from the programme the curriculum, the systems, the know-how, the training… and a group of super supportive women who are all doing the same thing as you.

Running your own business will expand your knowledge and your confidence in ways you can’t even imagine! We know though, as we’ve been doing this since 2004, and we will support and guide you every step of the way.

If you’ve always wanted to work flexibly but not had the idea or space to create your own business from scratch then buying into a franchise is ideal, as its a short cut to a successful business.

Give me a call to find out more Hannah Wing 01732 812212 or email

You can run our sessions anywhere

School, nursery, playgroup, mother and baby classes, weddings, festivals… there are so many ways to run the business and make it your own.

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