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Childrens Parties in Sheffield

Are you looking for a children’s entertainer in the Sheffield area??

Are you looking for a children’s party with a difference?

A Tatty Bumpkin party isn’t only ideal for your child’s birthday party, but for holiday get-togethers, weddings, festivals, fetes, in fact any occasion where you want to do something a bit different.

Parties cost £100 for 60 and £140 for 90mins and can be held in your own home, and if the weather is fine in your garden. Or a local village hall…….

Tatty Bumpkin (the world’s first and award-winning bendy yoga doll, see below!) will take your child and their friends on a magical adventure . The adventure involves lots of movement, animals, stories, puppets, music, games, finishing with a relaxation (yes a relaxation!), and stickers.

These are the only parties that can be individual to your child… the parties can include your childs favorite toy and activities.

The parties can be themed so your child really enjoys them – ideas include:

The children will be tired but happy and relaxed at the end!

It works best with around ten to twenty children plus siblings (depending on the space available and age of children) and can be adapted to suit children from 2 to 7 years. It actually works well with mixed ages so don’t worry if you’ve got younger siblings – they really love it! You only need enough space for the children to able to move around, so it’s possible to run the sessions in your own home or other suitable venue. Please discuss space and numbers of children with me.

An Example party Timeline would be:

* e.g. Pass The Parcel / Musical Statues

All you need to do now is contact me to book the party date and set the ball rolling for a party that cant be missed!

The Tatty Bumpkin yoga doll makes an exciting gift for your child at the end of the session, or take home a Tatty Bumpkin music CD (developed by educational musicians especially for Tatty) for you and your child to relax to later.

An example of a party can be viewed by clicking on this link

For more information, please contact me.

I also do Baby Bumpkin Birthday parties for little ones – perfect for a 1st Birthday party!! Contact me for details.