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**innovative yoga programme for children aged 0-11 years**

* inclusive + progressive; adapted to children\\\'s age, ability + developmental stage

* promotes physical, mental + emotional wellbeing

* builds strong skills + foundations for learning + life

* aligned with EYFS and KS1 & KS2 curriculums

The Team

Ellen Busby (Teacher)

Ellen Busby (Teacher)

“After graduating from the University of Winchester studying dance, I am really excited to combine my experience of yoga and movement with the creativity and animation of the adventures that Tatty Bumpkin provides. The most important feature of Tatty Bumpkin classes are the children, and the progression each individual shares with the class is so special.” Ellen has been teaching with Tatty Bumpkin since August 2015 and is an Advanced Tatty Bumpkin teacher trained in Tatty Bumpkin and Tatty Guroo.

Sylvie Hudson (Teacher)

Sylvie Hudson (Teacher)

Everything is possible for Tatty Bumpkin. Tatty Bumpkin has a passion for animals, for the planet, for meeting people, for overcoming challenges and loves going on adventures, just like Sylvie.
With Tatty Bumpkin, children develop their physical, emotional and intellectual skills through their seven senses. They enjoy caring and sharing, being bendy, giggly, clever and strong.  All this is set to the amazingly inspiring Tatty Bumpkin music, where there is a wonderful new journey every week, with space to express, listen, imagine, breath and relax.  Paradise!
Sylvie has also been practicing yoga for 30 years, and has even been a dance aerobics instructor in a previous life!

Lou Steele (Owner, Manager, Teacher)

Lou Steele (Owner, Manager, Teacher)

I am the owner of Children Inspired By Yoga with Tatty Bumpkin in South East Oxfordshire and Oxford.

Yoga became an integral part of my life in 2008 when I fell pregnant with my first child and I know the immense benefits it has brought to me and my family. My passion is to empower children with physical movement, mindfulness and relaxation strategies for learning and life.

With the help of my fantastic team of teachers I have been delivering children’s yoga and mindfulness classes in schools and nurseries in Oxfordshire for over 8 years. I am a fully trained yoga teacher (BWY) and hold several children’s yoga certificates (Yoga Alliance and CACHE accredited).