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* innovative yoga programme for children aged 0-11 years

* inclusive + progressive; adapted to children\'s age, ability + developmental stage

* promotes physical, mental + emotional wellbeing

* builds strong skills + foundations for learning + life

* aligned with EYFS and KS1 & KS2 curriculums

The Team

Michelle Taylor (Owner, Manager, Teacher)

Michelle Taylor (Owner, Manager, Teacher)

I am the owner of Children Inspired By Yoga with Tatty Bumpkin in South East Oxfordshire, and I will be running Baby Bumpkin, Tatty Bumpkin and Tatty Guroo yoga classes in the area.

I found out about Tatty Bumpkin yoga classes for young children in 2019 when my eldest did the classes at her pre-school. She loved them, and would come home doing the poses; she can still remember today the beginning part of the classes and still enjoys doing yoga. From seeing it first hand, I can really understand the benefits it can bring to a child, and I want to bring the joy from Tatty Bumpkin classes to more nurseries and schools in South East Oxfordshire. The Tatty Bumpkin yoga classes are multi-sensory fun classes, to music and story-telling.

I am also looking forward to teaching Baby Bumpkin yoga classes; which is gentle stretching for parent and baby. These are lovely classes as not only do they help with the babies physical development but they also encourage bonding with the baby and parent, and they always end in relaxation time which is much needed.

I personally enjoy going to yoga, and I first started whilst pregnant with my first child in 2015, it gives me time for gentle physical movement, and provides me with much needed relaxation. I am passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga to children so they can learn and develop physical movement, mindfulness and relaxation strategies for life.