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our classes help children age 0-7 to be bendy, giggly, clever and strong:

bendy - develops flexibility through yoga

giggly - enhances creativity with multi-sensory stories and original music

clever - aids development with early years curriculum links

strong - promotes wellbeing and relaxation

The Team

Louise Steele

Louise Steele

Hello, my name is Louise and I run the Tatty Bumpkin franchise for South East Oxfordshire.

How and where I teach:
The majority of classes run in Nurseries, Pre-schools & Primary Schools, although sessions also suitable for Festivals, Holiday Clubs, Rainbows/Beavers, etc. The Tatty Bumpkin class plans are fully aligned to the current EYFS curriculum and are adaptable for KS1. I also run a regular Family Yoga class in Abingdon (see above for dates) and teach older children’s yoga in Schools too.
Please get in touch via the contact details below if you are interested in availability and a quote for introducing yoga to your estalishment, or booking or attending a class.

What is a Tatty Bumpkin class?
Tatty Bumpkin and Baby Bumpkin classes combine story-telling, yoga-inspired movement and music to help enhance development, develop creativity and inspire confidence in young children. Each magical adventure involves physical activity/movement, yoga postures, multi-sensory play, breathing and relaxation.
All this is achieved in a supportive, non-competitive and most importantly fun environment.

About me:
Following a career in the music industry I relocated to Oxfordshire in 2012 after 11 years in London. I am passionate about yoga and child development and on searching for a new career that would combine these interests (and also fit around being a parent) I found Tatty Bumpkin.
I have been practising yoga and enjoying the benefits myself for over 12 years. I truly believe yoga is for everyone and aim to help introduce yoga into all schools throughout the County.

Qualifications and accreditations:
I am a qualified Tatty Bumpkin and Baby Bumpkin teacher and we are proud that our training courses are Yoga Alliance UK and CACHE [Council for Awards in Children’s Care, Health & Education] accredited; I hold an enhanced DBS [Disclosure and Barring Service] certificate and I am fully insured.
I have also completed a Children’s Yoga qualification with the British School of Yoga. 
I am furthering my studies with a diploma at triyoga in London and have started teaching Family Yoga and adults locally with an outlook to teach Teen Yoga in the near future.

Please do not hestitate to get in touch.


NEWS JAN 2017 – I am pleased to announce I have a new teacher, Penny, to add to my little team. Penny joins Ellen and Sylvie teaching Tatty Bumpkin classes throughout South Oxfordshire. Teacher profile to follow shortly.

Teacher profile: Sylvie (started November 2015)
Sylvie has travelled the world and her greatest pleasure has been bringing joy and opportunity to the many people she has met.  Originally from France where she grew up, she moved to Switzerland where she worked in the luxury watch sector.  However it was in Sri Lanka that she was first able to follow her vocation for bringing the best out of children, learning the ropes in a Colombo orphanage. Shortly afterwards she studied for a TEFL diploma in Romania, leading her to set up a small teaching practice in Hong Kong.  Now in the UK, she is delighted to be using the experiences she has gained as a Tatty Bumpkin teacher.
Everything is possible for Tatty Bumpkin. Tatty Bumpkin has a passion for animals, for the planet, for meeting people, for overcoming challenges and loves going on adventures, just like Sylvie.
With Tatty bumpkin, children develop their physical, emotional and intellectual skills through their seven senses. They enjoy caring and sharing, being bendy, giggly, clever and strong.  All this is set to the amazingly inspiring Tatty Bumpkin music, where there is a wonderful new journey every week, with space to express, listen, imagine, breath and relax.  Paradise!
Sylvie has also been practicing yoga for 30 years, and has even been a dance aerobics instructor in a previous life!

Teacher profile: Ellen (started July 2015)
After graduating from the University of Winchester studying dance, I am really excited to combine my experience of yoga and movement with the creativity and animation of the adventures that Tatty Bumpkin provides. The most important feature of Tatty Bumpkin classes are the children, and the progression each individual shares with the class is so special. Ellen x

And finally to say a huge thank you and goodbye to my amazing teacher Nic – we miss you already! Thanks for all your hard work over the last 2 years x