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Our yoga inspired stories are presented in seven week blocks to coincide with the school terms. Each block corresponds to a colour of the rainbow. Alongside each story, and specific development focus, we have created a range of supporting material.

‘What I Did in Class Today’

Children can be inspired by Yoga throughout their day! These detailed sheets give guidance to parents and carers on how to do ‘the pose of the week’ at home with their child. Written by our specialist paediatric physiotherapist, each sheet provides instructions on how to develop the weekly poses, how this helps their child’s development and benefits for the child.

EYFS and Key Stage Curriculum Links

Every weekly story is carefully linked to the curriculum. These documents provide clear evidence on how session content works to enhance and encourage the broad scope of a child’s development and learning. Physical, social and emotional and communication needs are all supported.

Colouring sheets – to calm and remember

We provide bespoke weekly colouring sheets to match every story. After children have stretched, balanced, or worked in their yoga poses, they can settle down and colour in a picture related to the posture.

Choose to use it as a teaching resource and a focus for writing to enhance the learning environment. Alternatively, it can be kept as a memory of all that a child has done by sending it home so that they can continue their adventure with some mindful colouring.