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11-16 years: Yoga Guroo classes

At a time of change, both physically and mentally, students are settling into secondary school and adapting to ‘newness’ on many levels. This is a time for gentleness but also for building strength, stamina and resilience.

Yoga Guroo nurtures concentration, physical strength, balance and self-compassion during a time of huge physical growth and change.

It is important to feel seen and heard at this age – to have a voice. This is all possible in a Yoga Guroo class – therein lies the power of the education aspect of these sessions.

Yoga opportunities are introduced sensitively and inclusively. Enjoying mindful movement, teenagers can share their thoughts and enjoy working together collaboratively.

Our sessions follow an agreed structure and generally include welcome, setting the context for class, breathing exercises, warm ups, poses (asanas), relaxation and reflection including mindfulness.


Development outcomes


We can work on bespoke adjustments to our programme to support specific needs such as exam preparation, anxiety and mental welbeing.

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