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Recovery Curriculum

Our gentle, kind and fun classes can support you and your
children safely, and happily in adjusting to the new normal.





Children Inspired by Yoga

Yoga is a non-contact activity. From the safety of their mat children can rediscover learnt skills & master the new. Adopting a holistic & therapeutic approach, we aim to meet the child ‘where they are at’, nurturing both physical & mental wellbeing. Our sessions involve adapted yoga, breath activities, story creation, relaxation & mindfulness. For maximum impact, challenges & props boost engagement and inclusion. Staff enjoy the opportunities & ideas for their own wellbeing.

Inspired Physical Wellbeing

Our yoga-based sessions are about enjoying movement with none of the angst. There is no right
or wrong way. Lost in an adventure, children are confident to progress physical & mindfulness skills.
Research by the Youth Sport Trust shows as a result of lockdown many children now see sport & PE as
more important to their lives.

Inspired Emotional Wellbeing – Feeling Just Right

Regulation is at the heart. Varied poses & activities ignite or calm the senses. Session planning helps
children ‘feel in charge’ of their emotions as they find their ‘just right level of alertness’. Older children
love learning the breathing & mindfulness tools, then they know what to do to ‘feel just right’ outside
of class & can share their knowledge with family & friends.

Inspired Social Wellbeing

From their own space, step by step children can start to rebuild relationships in a fun & nurturing way.
Empathy & kindness weave through our stories. Tatty Bumpkin is a valuable friend & role model for
younger children & her resilient attitude inspires the growth mindset in the older child.

“We can’t expect our students to return joyfully, and many of the relationships that were thriving, may
need to be invested in and restored. We need to plan for this to happen”
Barry Carpenter & Matthew Carpenter


To find out more about how we can support your setting in developing and delivering Recovery Curriculum contact

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