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**innovative yoga programme for children aged 0-11 years**

inclusive + progressive; adapted to children\'s age, ability + developmental stage

* promotes physical, mental + emotional wellbeing

* builds strong skills + foundations for learning + life

* aligned with EYFS and KS1 & KS2 curriculums

The Team

Hannah Halsey-Jones (Teacher)

Hannah Halsey-Jones (Teacher)

Hi, i’m Hannah and I have been teaching Tatty Bumpkin classes for about a year now. My background is dance- based, and I am passionate about using movement in a therapeutic way. I first experienced yoga whilst studying for an Extended diploma in Dance and was drawn in by the benefits and positivity it brought to life.

I have several years experience of working in primary schools as a Teaching Assistant. This included working from Nursery to Year 6 with individual children with particular needs, small groups and leading whole class Dance lessons. I particularly enjoyed leading inclusive dance and musical theatre clubs and helping vulnerable children to find their voice and creativity through movement and music.

Tatty Bumpkin classes have given me the opportunity to extend my practice of yoga and to witness how mindfulness and relaxation can help children to transform and grow. I have loved watching children engage and develop during the sessions, building in self confidence and emotional well-being.

Eliise Poldma (Teacher)

Eliise Poldma (Teacher)

Hello. I am Eliise and since an early age I have always wanted to teach kids. I used to teach dance for kids and when I met Louise in winter 2018, and she talked about teaching yoga to kids, I got interested straight away. I knew I wanted to be part of the Tatty Bumpkin Oxford teaching team and a few months later I did my training in Kent.

I have been teaching Tatty Bumpkin sessions for over a year now, and it has been a great. It was quite challenging in the beginning, but the support you receive from the Tatty Bumpkin team is amazing.

My favourite part is entering the class room and seeing the joy in kids faces (when they know that we start doing Tatty Bumpkin) and how keen they are to help when it’s time to put the mats out.
Looking back over the past year of teaching kids I can say it has been really rewarding and inspiring experience.
Lucy Fegan (Teacher)

Lucy Fegan (Teacher)

Hi, i’m Lucy and I have been teaching Tatty Bumpkin for over a year now.  I first heard about it through a friend and after meeting Lou and completing my training I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do. My background is in Real Estate having graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2003 but since having children I needed a change. I have been practising yoga for 4 years going to classes and following yogis online and after watching a Tatty Bumpkin session at one of the nurseries I fell in love with it.

Lou Steele (Owner, Manager, Teacher)

Lou Steele (Owner, Manager, Teacher)

I am the owner of Children Inspired By Yoga with Tatty Bumpkin in Oxford and South East Oxfordshire.

Yoga became an integral part of my life in 2008 when I fell pregnant with my first child and I know the immense benefits it has brought to me and my family. My passion is to empower children with physical movement, mindfulness and relaxation strategies for learning and life.

With the help of my fantastic team of teachers I have been delivering children’s yoga and mindfulness classes in schools and nurseries in Oxfordshire for over 8 years. I am a fully trained yoga teacher (BWY) and hold several children’s yoga certificates (Yoga Alliance and CACHE accredited).