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our classes help children age 0-7 to be bendy, giggly, clever and strong:

bendy - develops flexibility through yoga

giggly - enhances creativity with multi-sensory stories and original music

clever - aids development with early years curriculum links

strong - promotes wellbeing and relaxation

Children Inspired by Yoga sessions in Notting Hill.

We run fun yoga sessions combining music, movement and storytelling in a large number of nurseries and schools across West London.

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The Team



Bita is the owner of Tatty Bumpkin classes and runs Tatty Bumpkin and Baby Bumpkin Kids Yoga Classes in and around Notting Hill along with our small team. She runs most of our fun private sessions around the area!

Our yoga sessions are so much fun…incorporating yoga based movement, specially designed music and exciting stories in one session. They have been designed by an amazing group of passionate people and we feel so lucky to be able to bring them to children here in West London. Our Baby Yoga sessions are a lovely way to bond with your baby. They incorporate gentle stretches and movements for babies along with storytelling and music. There are lots of ideas on activities to do at home.

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Sara really cares about the development of the whole child through independent, creative provision and loves combining this into her Tatty Bumpkin sessions.  She looks forward to welcoming you to one of her classes!