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for babies from 6 weeks to approximately 2 years.

Our Baby Bumpkin programme uses the Early Years Foundation Stage framework as its basis, with sessions focussing on the well-being of both you and your baby.


The classes combine storytelling, music and simple baby yoga movements demonstrated with the fun Baby Bumpkin doll. The emphasis is on giving the babies the opportunity to explore movement and their senses in a stimulating environment and gives all the babies from 6 weeks to 2 years a great physical foundation to development.. Parents/carers are guided through the movements and there’s also time for discussion amongst the group in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The unique story structure gives ideas on how to communicate and play with your baby at home.



Each week, we take babies and their carers on a new adventure with Baby Bumpkin to stimulate your baby’s senses, encouraging early sensory processing skills, nurture their communication and social skills, whilst providing a lovely bonding experience for both of you.


For our Wrigglers (6 weeks to crawling), the classes include gentle stretches for both mum and baby, as well as providing creative techniques and ideas to play with your child at home. We use music, multi-sensory props, rhymes and fun to bring the stories to life!

For our Explorers (crawling to 2 years), we use the same music and storytelling format to introduce additional poses and activities to suit and encourage these babies on the move.


About the classes

During the sessions we focus on:

Physical Development: Tummy time, side lying, sitting and standing postures as appropriate for your baby. The classes can help digestion and other physical issues
Early Fine Motor Skills: Whatever stage your baby has reached, the movements and props help to encourage hand and finger movements  which are the basis for more complex skills
Emotional Development: Throughout the class the babies are encouraged to respond to each other. Massage and relaxation help to calm  and promote a healthy sleep / waking cycle for your baby
Cognitive Development: Emerging language skills are nurtured through movement, exploration of sensory props and gestures.


The classes are held in pre-schools, nurseries, and private classes and sometimes in people’s homes. Baby Bumpkin is a very relaxed, informal way to have fun with your baby, whilst at the same time really helping with their physical and emotional development.


Meadows CC Maidstone. Feedback from Baby Bumpkin sessions

100% of parents felt their baby enjoyed the Baby Bumpkin classes
100% of parents found the instructions given in the Baby Bumpkin class clear and easy to follow
89% of parents said the Baby Bumpkin classes have given them activity ideas for playing with their baby
88% of parents said they had used the relaxation techniques taught in the class with my baby at home
78 % of parents felt The Baby Bumpkin classes had increased their confidence to play with their baby on the floor at home
62 % of parents said they felt more confident to ‘talk and communicate’ with their baby since attending the Baby Bumpkin classes
55% of parents felt they were more aware of their baby’s physical skills since attending the Baby Bumpkin classes
55% of parents felt they had more confidence on how to lift and hold their baby to

30% of parents felt there was an improvement in their baby’s sleeping patterns since attending the Baby Bumpkin classes