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The Tatty Bumpkin Rainbow Programme and Pathway

Our core Rainbow Programme is run in 6 or 7 week terms aligned with the academic year and it is progressive and adapted to the children’s ability, ages and stages. Within each colour of the rainbow we work on specific developmental goals. The sessions are fully inclusive and non-competitive.

Tatty Bumpkin and The Early Years Foundation Stage

Tatty Bumpkin has developed a 49-week ‘Tatty Bumpkin Rainbow programme’ structured around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This ensures our sessions are based on a firm developmental foundation as well as being fun and creative.

In line with the framework these engaging and unique resources support both parents and nursery staff in guiding the individual child along their very own ‘Rainbow Pathway’.

Tatty Bumpkin Stories with EYFS Links: The active, multi-sensory stories each have their own ‘focus of the week’ and EYFS links in all the areas of development. The stories follow the academic year with each programme block representing a rainbow colour:

Red – Weeks 1- 6

Orange – Weeks 7 – 12

Yellow – Weeks 13 – 18

Green – Weeks 19 – 24

Blue – Weeks 25 – 30

Indigo – Weeks 31 – 36

Violet – Summer holiday sessions


Each week we follow Tatty Bumpkin on her exciting adventures, meeting new friends, solving problems and learning new skills. We’ll focus on a different pose of the week, multi-sensory activities and mindfulness exercises to support self-regulation, feelings of calm and relaxation.

We work in many nurseries in the North Bucks and Milton Keynes area to provide our weekly programme for children from 2 – 5 years. The sessions are fully aligned to the EYFS curriculum, linking to the characteristics of effective learning and the prime and specific areas of learning. Our teachers are specially trained to deliver the programme so that they can observe children in the sessions to ensure that the sessions are aimed at the correct ages and stages for their development. This means that we can deepen and strengthen their current learning and development and where appropriate identify opportunities to challenge and extend that learning.