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We provide engaging and fun classes in Nurseries that are fully aligned the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  The young children love the engaging, animated classes that are rich in colour, characters, music, movement and story telling.  Tatty Bumpkin, the lovable bendy rag doll brings everything to life with her animal friends guiding them on adventures that explore movement and relaxation.

The Children Inspired by Yoga classes provide Nursery Staff with a unique opportunity to observe and monitor the development of their children.  We provide lesson plans, posters and support materials to enhance the benefits of our sessions.

We love hearing stories of Tatty Bumpkin being welcomed back each week by the children.  She’s been known to have a peg for her in the cloakroom ….

“After each session we can feel the calm atmosphere throughout the room that you leave behind. Your patience with the children is amazing and they all listen to you and follow your every move. We are already looking forward to our next block of Tatty Bumpkin’s adventures with you!” – Hickory House, Ilkley.