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Custom Classes

Tatty Bumpkin and Baby Bumpkin sessions are well suited to private groups.

We can arrange your own private sessions for a group of your friends, making it fun and personal.

Baby Bumpkin from birth to age 2
Do you have an antenatal group, NCT group of mummies, or just new mummy friends? We’ll organise hall hire (or in your own home), you just come along, enjoy the session with your babies, then time for tea and a natter after class.

Tatty Bumpkin age 2+
Do your children get together regularly with a group of their friends from school or nursery? We can find a space (hall or your home), where we can hold a fun yoga session for your children, and the parents can have a natter in the next room (or you may like to join in with your children!)

We can organise these in blocks of 6 weeks. We organise the hall, and the bookings – you arrange for your friends to come, and split the costs between you all.

You may also have an idea of your own! We are always happy to chat about your ideas.

Call Julie on 07745 301624 to discuss how this can work for you and your friends.