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Classes for 2-7 year olds

Our yoga-based classes are great fun and designed for both children and parents/carers to join in. At every session we go on a magical adventure with Tatty Bumpkin, using stories, music, fun props, specially adapted yoga moves and our imaginations!

Classes incorporate movement, music, storytelling, breathing exercises, mindfulness and relaxation. Each session follows a story, providing a structured, yet fun environment.

All our classes are inclusive and child-led.  The Tatty Bumpkin story programme has specific learning objectives, which are aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Classes have been developed by Paediatric Physiotherapists, Yoga teachers and educationalists, to give the children a creative, well rounded, developmental and fun story session.

We can provide carers with information on what their child has learnt during each session and how they can continue the learning (and the fun!) at home.


Contact me to find out more at or telephone: 07498 629884