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Rainbow Programme in Schools 


Our multi-sensory educational resource programme is aligned to the academic year with each half term assigned a colour of the rainbow. Each session is tailored to the age, abilities and needs of the children. This allows us to effectively support the development of physical movement, balance and concentration skills.

The classes provide children with dedicated time and space to explore a world where the learning is fun. We incorporate physical movement, literacy, music and for some children it is their first experience of the concept of relaxation and an introduction to mindfulness.

The cornerstones of our in-education lessons are communication, personal, emotional, social and physical development.  We work with schools to provide our programme in a flexible way:

Yoga is holistic which means it looks at the health of the whole person. Children are lucky as they are natural yogi’s. Therefore, what we do at Children Inspired by Yoga is take these natural skills and give the children opportunities to explore. From the joy of movement and the excitement of creativity, to the calm of relaxation. This equips children for the pressures of life in and out of school.

To find out more about offering Children Inspired by Yoga classes in your school contact Helen on 07551 985694 or email easthants@tattybumpkin.com.


Supporting Material for Schools

Our yoga inspired stories are presented in seven week blocks to coincide with the school terms. Each block corresponds to a colour of the rainbow. Alongside each story we have created a range of supporting material.

1. ‘What I Did in Class Today’ – for parents

These detailed sheets give guidance to parents and carers on how to do ‘the pose of the week’ at home with their child. Each sheet is written by our specialist paediatric physiotherapist. They provide clear instructions on how to develop the weekly pose and explain how it helps the child’s development. This is great for enhancing your parent-school partnership.

2. EYFS and Key Stage Curriculum Links – for staff

Each weekly story is carefully linked to every area of the curriculum. These documents provide clear evidence on how session content works to enhance and encourage the broad scope of a child’s development and learning. Physical, social and emotional and communication needs are all supported.

3. Colouring sheets and stickers – for children

We provide bespoke weekly colouring sheets to partner every story. These can be used in school as a teaching resource and a focus for writing to enhance the learning environment. Alternatively, they can be sent home to help parents and carers to engage with what the children have been doing.

Who doesn’t love a sticker?!

4. Certificates – for everyone!

We can provide colourful termly certificates to children to remind them of their exciting adventures and how to do the poses they learned.