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Since establishing in 2004, we have become a vital resource in nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools with bespoke programmes for specific educational settings.  These are delivered by our teachers on the school site, primarily for Key Stage 1 children and adapted for Key Stage 2.

We support the development of physical movement and attention skills.  The multi-sensory classes promote creativity whilst benefitting social confidence and physical movement.  The classes provide the children with dedicated time and space to explore a world where the learning is fun.  For some children it is their first experience of learning the essentials of relaxation and well-being and an introduction to mindfulness.

The cornerstones of our in-education lessons are communication, personal, emotional, social and physical development.  The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum means schools can offer their pupils with a wealth of non-desk based learning through our in-education lessons.  Our team work in primary schools and can provide:

Our curriculum was written with Educationalist Philip Davis.  He partners with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority to enhance learning.  It’s ground breaking work, the enhancement on creativity is much acclaimed.

“As for the movement sessions, I am extremely impressed with how the children are really listening to the music – they move quickly when the music is fast, move slowly when it is slow and they even stop when the music pauses for a while. Lion and going to the giggle tree really shows this well. National Curriculum learning objectives for PE are very well catered for. I am always keen to show visitors how our Tatty sessions work. Children’s sequencing of events has also improved and their story writing.” DEPUTY HEAD: PRIMARY SCHOOL, DURHAM

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