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Candle Pose

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How to do candle pose


Before you start candle pose, find a safe, comfortable space. Lie on your back and lift your legs, one at a time, bending your knees, into the air above you. Then point your toes. Your feet are now the flame on your candle! Ask a friend to blow on your toes as if they are blowing out your candle. As they blow, bring your toes downwards, flattening your foot (‘unpoint’ your toes) as your candle has gone out! Remember to bend your knees to bring your feet back down to the floor.


The benefits of candle pose

Candle pose benefits

A more challenging candle pose


To make candle pose more challenging, whilst you are holding your feet up above you, try:

  • Reaching up to touch your toes with your hands
  • Balancing a pillow or cushion on the soles of your feet


Make candle pose educational & fun


Candle pose is perfect for a celebration such as a child’s birthday, or for learning about the significance of candles at Christmas time, Diwali or Hanukkah of course.

In our story, Tatty Bumpkin is so excited about dog’s birthday that she dances all the way to the Giggle Tree, her head full of ideas for an extra special cake! Then Tatty Bumpkin remembers the candles…

Oh No! She has to think hard, which one of her Wobble Farm creature friends would be able to help her make a candle? 

bumble bee

I’ll give you a clue… it begins with a ‘B’!


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