Mouse Pose

mouse pose

How to do mouse pose

Before you start mouse pose, find a comfortable space on the floor and take off your socks and shoes.
Kneel on the floor with your bottom on your heels and your arms by your sides. Now curl forward and pretend to ‘kiss your knees’. Think about curling forwards into a ‘ball’.
Take deep breaths and lie very still. Shut your eyes.
Once you are curled up in mouse pose – encourage your child to squeeze their muscles. Imagine you are a very tiny mouse!

Be a mouse with your child. Use your imaginations to be sleeping mice, each in your own little house .
Shut your eyes, take deep breaths and lie very still for 15-20 seconds, if you can!

As you ‘wake up’ from mouse pose, begin to wiggle your fingers (twitching your mouse ‘whiskers’).


The benefits of mouse pose

Benefits of mouse pose

A more challenging mouse pose

To make mouse pose more challenging, lift up your head up, make squeaking sounds, then wriggle you fingers on either side of your mouth as mousy whiskers.
To aid speech and confidence, encourage your child to squeak as a little mouse, softly then loudly!
Stretch out one leg behind you, then the other, and wave them from side to side. Imagine that you’re a magic mouse with TWO tails.
Finally, come up onto all fours (like the start of cat pose) and scamper round the room to run away from the pesky cat. Can you hide under a table? Be very careful not to bump your head!

Make it Multi-Sensory, Educational & Fun

Through the magic of our Tatty Bumpkin class, mouse pose can become a multi-sensory and educational activity.  In Tatty Bumpkin classes we always try to stimulate a variety of senses, to add to the fun, give choice & to help the learning process.
Tatty Bumpkin will be doing mouse pose when she visits the friendly giant and the little mouse. Where will be the best place for the mouse’s house?

In this week’s session, your child will:

  • Develop body awareness by stretching out wide to be giants & curling up small to be mice.
  • Use their imagination & problem-solving skills to suggest places for a mouse house!
  • Express their feelings using gestures or words (such as ‘a little worried’ as they creep into the giant’s house, or ‘excited’ to find the perfect home for mouse)
  • Refine their sense of rhythm as they curl up, then scamper to Tatty Bumpkin’s mouse song.
  • Gain the ability to calm themselves & becoming aware of their breath in mouse pose.
  • Develop fine motor skills as they twitch their mouse whiskers and help mouse build his own little house.
  • Improve their team-working skills as they work together to make the perfect little house for mouse.


Mouse pose for the festive season

Mouse pose is the perfect pose for sensory overload.

So, when Christmas preparations become just a little too exiting – remember Clement Clarke’s Moore’s poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ and be a christmas mouse!
Click on the image below to hear Perry Como reading the famous poem.

The night before Christmas (mouse pose)

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